Star Wars: The Force Awakens......The Black Series.


So....early last year we were contacted by Hasbro to get started on the new Star Wars film, The Force Awakens.  Our first task usually is normally developing styles to do licensing art in(t shirts designs, lunch box graphics, etc)during this process I did a few drawing that had alot of feathering in them.  After a little back and forth, and some further development of the style, it was repitched as the new style for the Black Series. It was a pretty serious learning curve for me, but after a few pieces it seemed to fall into place.  There have definetly been a few artistic hiccups along the way, and a few ripped up failed attempts, but after awhile it got easier and we got some pieces done that we felt were a success.




Poe Dameron


ROTJ Medal Ceremony Princess Leia


Ello Asty

Constable Zuvio

Guavian Enforcer

General Hux


Captain Phasma

San Diego ComiCon Exclusive

preliminary pencil

finished inks

final pack application render

Darth Vader


Jango Fett

Black Series Lightsaber Illustrations