Best Fiends | Seriously Games

Pilot recently got the oppurtunity to get involved with a game franchise from the very beginning, with Seriously Games, on the first title, Best Fiends. We started initial development in the studio in Boston, but then soon made a trip to Seriously's headquarters over in Helsinki, Finland. There we got to meet with Petri Jarvilehto, (the creator of Max Payne, fresh off of Rovio's Angry Birds) and his whole team.  We stayed for a week and worked day and night to get as much time with them as we could. The results were amazing, we produced so much great work, made a ton of progress, and had an incredible time.

The highlight for me, was getting to create Mt. Boom.  Petri saw right away that my style of drawing was alot different from his more cartoon influenced artists and decided to pull me aside for something different. The final villian of the game, the endpoint for the main characters, is a volcano. After being hit by meteor the volcano come alive and starts spewing forth black slugs. Not having anything developed yet for Mt Boom, Petri put me on it and I really went at it.  I spent the first day or so there floundering a little, trying to adapt my style to the style of the game. Having Petri find a way to put me back in my wheelhouse a little while simultaneously getting to develop a main part of the game was invigorating.  So in about a day and a half, we had gone from having nothing to having a finished turnaround of the main villain.  

Mt. Boom development

Here are the first set of development sketches for Mt. Boom.  By about number 5 or so I really started to get a personality that Petri liked, and from there it was smooth sailing.

The first turnarounds.

Here is a before and after of Mt Boom puking both lava and slugs.

Petri honestly looked a little horrified by this one.   That look is the the art directors way of saying you've gone a little too far.

A bit of an environment shot for scale.

The first pencil for a Mt Boom poster, the little Best Fiends heroes would go up front on the ledge.


Next up, Seriously came to Boston and worked with us for a week, and we developed what would be the opening sequence and story for the game.

Splash Page/Banner Development